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The IT Management Partnership

Does your business have IT support, or does it have IT management?

What’s the difference?
Well, the simple fact is that all businesses that spend money on IT systems really need to have both, Support and Management. Today IT support is available in abundance, whereas IT managers are costly resources that many companies just can’t afford to employ. This means that IT support is, more often than not, outsourced to IT support professionals without the interaction of a manager that works in the best interest of a business.

The role of an IT manager in an organization is not to set up and support IT systems. Rather his job is to carefully consider the requirements, strategies of the business, goals, and budgets to ensure that the best systems are put in place at the right time and at the right price.

Unfortunately when IT is outsourced, often the management role is ignored and solutions are delivered without clients having the opportunity and information needed to make wise decisions. IT companies then act just as a help-desk and often hit businesses with high and unexpected bills and sadly, are often replaced frequently

Wyred IT has a different philosophy.
Rather, we endeavor to build long term partnerships with our clients by acting as outsourced IT managers as well as support personnel. This means that we focus not only on setting up and supporting solutions but we do our utmost to work first with understanding requirements, budgets, growth plans, and business strategies. We align ourselves as closely as possible to our client’s operations so that we can act in the best interest of their organizations by providing everything they need to make wise decisions for current and long term plans.

This strategy has enabled us to retain relationships and provide high value for every Rand spent for our clients

So, do you need an IT manager? Yes, you most likely do, and now you can fill this key role in your business cost effectively!